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Brucellosis in pregnant women can cause miscarriage, fetal abnormalities. Death from brucellosis is rare. Most of them are the result of a malfunction of the heart after the development of tadalafil pill.

There is no specific effective vaccine against brucellosis for humans. The main recommendations for preventing infection are: Since vaccination is carried out with live weakened bacteria, getting the vaccine into the human body can cause disease.

After contact with an animal infected with Brucella bacteria, even in the absence of symptoms, close monitoring of cialis online condition is necessary for 6 months. Brucellosis is a disease characterized by damage to the musculoskeletal system, nervous, reproductive and other systems.

Brucella are stable in the external environment. They remain in water for more than 2 months, in milk - 40 days, in cheese - 2 months, in raw meat - 3 months, in salted meat - up to 30 days, in wool - up to 4 months. Brucella die when heated and under the influence of many disinfectants. Brucella is not transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person. The reservoir and source of infection are domestic animals (sheep, goats, cows, pigs, less often dogs).

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Infection with brucellosis from sick animals occurs by contact, food and air routes. Infection by contact occurs especially often when amniotic fluid gets on the skin (help with calving, lambing, when caring for newborn calves, lambs). Veterinarians, calves, shepherds, etc. are often infected. Infection can also occur through contact with the meat of infected animals, with manure.

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Brucella penetrate through the slightest damage to the skin. Food contamination often occurs through raw milk, as well as through the use of dairy products (feta cheese, cheese, butter). Airborne infection can occur when dust containing brucella enters the respiratory tract (in places of cialis andin sheep pens), as well as in laboratories in case of violation of safety regulations. This route of infection is relatively rare. In most cases, this is an occupational disease.

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Shortness of breath up to 45 times / min with cyanosis of the nasolabial fold and swelling of the wings of the nose.

Brucellosis is a disease that is a zoonotic bacterial infection with a high potential for chronicity, characterized by a variety of symptoms, but most often there is a lesion of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, and proceeding against the background of general intoxication and fever. Wright and Semple found that sera from patients with brucellosis gave an agglutination reaction, since then this observation has been used for diagnostic purposes as a serological test. Other scientists have recorded infectious abortions due to this disease.

According to the international classification, the genus Brucella consists of 6 independent species, which are divided into a number of biovars.

After penetration into the body of the pathogen that causes brucellosis, symptoms in humans appear after 5-30 days (on average, 2-3 weeks), with latent carriage it can be extended up to 3 months.

The disease is caused by specific bacteria that belong to a separate genus Brucella, it has 7 species. In humans, 3 species cause the disease - B. melitetnsis (also often causes disease in goats), B. suis (may develop in the body of pigs) and B. abortus (found in cattle). These bacteria are small in size, have polymorphism - there are rod-shaped, spherical (cocci) and convoluted forms. Spores and capsules do not form.

In raw meat - up to 3 months. In animal hair - up to 4 months. At a temperature of cialis 20 pills - up to 30 minutes.

When boiled, these microorganisms die almost instantly, as well as when exposed to various disinfectant solutions (0.2 - 1% bleach solution, chloramine, and so on).

Brucella have a number of features that are called aggression factors and contribute to the development of the disease in humans and animals, these include: